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Looking for some feedback on these cranks. Anybody use them? I checked out the Tune website, but I can't figure out what type of BB they're compatible with.


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They make 2 versions: the "Fastfoot" is only compatible with tune's own "Sixpack" hex taper bb. The "Bigfoot" is compatible with any JIS (Shimano) square taper bb. Spindle length depends on use/rings, of course. Otherwise the design is essentially the same, with the "Fastfoot" marginally stiffer.

I had a "Bigfoot" crankset. It's a beautiful design, but pretty "thin" looking crankarms by today's standards (if you have ever seen a Cook Brothers "Dogbone", they're very similar).
They are very svelte, very elegant, but not the stiffest setup IMO.
Very light and strong, though.

They are available online through Starbike in Germany (, and those guys have great prices and CS.

In the US the distributor is (or at least was; it's been awhile since I corresponded):
Alchemy Bicycle Works
720 Rosita Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 699-4307
(505) 984-0758 fax
jparamax (at) (Jeremy. A very nice guy.)

Do a search on Weight Weenies ( for tune + bigfoot or tune + fastfoot: you'll find several helpful reviews.

I hope that helps.
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