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How common is tune front hub developed play after a few rides?
Is is part of the design to have the hub body and the bearing/axel is loosen up and develop some play after a few rides, about 50-100 miles or so?

I think I had the Tune Mag250(?) front hub. There isn't any adjustable part that I can tell to tighten up the bearing. What are my options?

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I wrote this about another hub, but works here as well.

"Take the time to adjust the hubs one they are built. After my wheels were build up I adjusted them so there is no play when the skewer is tightened. The best way to do this is to get a few washers that can take the place of your dropouts. Then clamp the skewer down on them so you can hand turn the hub. You will have a more sensitive feel spinning the axle than you would if you were spinning the entire wheel on the bike. Loosen the adjustment to the point that there is a little side to side movement. Finally tighten back up only enough to get rid of the play in the hub. Once you do that the hubs will spin even more freely and there will be no sideloading of the bearings."

You need two 5mm hex keys that go into each axle end. You need to remove the skewer each time you adjust, but but take your time to get it right.

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