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(to the tune of "twas the night before christmas")

Twas the day after end of school,
and all through town,
Not a crazy ass pass,
trying to knock me down.

The streets were empty
just trucks and cars, quite a few of them,
all people that work and
who's mother's no longer wipe their bottom.

The kids were in bed,
dreams of being a Jonas Brothers member
the parents were happy
their precious snowflakes safe until September.

No more rushing out of the house,
slapping food and clothes into their laps
no more waiting for those stupid spandex clad cyclists
in their stupid styrofoam caps.

"They get in our way!
My precious snowflake is going to be late!
I just pulled him out of his sheets
and these bicycle fools make me wait!"

"I will squeeze into that gap!"
on my cell phone as i talk
"is that a bike? where'd he go?
I guess he went where he belongs up on the sidewalk!"

This morning they all stayed home
the streets empty of careening minivans
soccer mom and sullen teens?
nope just me, my cronies and our odd cycling tans

We have until September
and the ipod generation awakes
Parents will rush them out the door
and I'll be careful to not meet a minivan fate.

I will take the summer in stride
maximize my mileage and smiles.
Ride my bike, enjoy the streets and
log many carefree miles!

And in September I will behold
the return of these crazy kids,
helicopter parents, precious snowflakes
and their stupid sideways lids

But I will spring from my bed and head out into all that clatter
ipods, bass stereos, cellpones galore
pull on my helmet, grab my bike
and run out the door

I will share the street
carry that load
happy bike commuting to all
and to all "share the damn road!"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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