Two in a row for the Garmin-Chipotle team. This time is was Blake Caldwell who emerged from a break to win the stage and take over the yellow jersey from his teammate's shoulders. After 85 miles (137 km) and 10,585 feet (3.226 m) of climbing, Caldwell outsprinted his two-man breakaway companion Darren Lill (BMC) to win stage 2 at the Tour of Utah. Bringing the chase group, 18 seconds behind for third place was BMC's Jeff Louder.

Caldwell is now the new leader in the overall classification, with Lill in second place at 4 seconds back, and Jason Donald (Garmin-Chipotle) drops down from first to third.

Another hot day in sunny Utah. The mood was set immediately at the start of the race as Will Frishkorn (Garmin-Chipotle) attacked from the get go trying to catch everyone by surprise but he was caught soon thereafter. On the first climb over Ogden Pass, just 9 miles (16 km) ino the stage, the pace went up under the impetus of the Garmin-Chipotle team and BMC's Scott Nydam and the field shattered.

A small group of 8 riders charged up the climb but was caught beforet the KOM won by Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) with Glen Chadwick (Team Type 1) taking second.

Taking advantage of the descent and flatter roads, the numbers swelled up in the front group by the time the first HotSpot Sprint line was reached at mile 24 (km 38). Defending his green jersey, Brad White (Successful Living) outsprinted Sheldon Deeny (The Fan Sports Network) for the points.

Continuing with the same pattern, the field was strung out going up the second climb of the day, Trappers Loop, and at the other side, the lead group was about 45 riders strong. Chadwick jumped ahead to win the second KOM at the top followed by Caldwell. bad luck struck, as BMC's Nydam crashed and broke his collarbone.

Following the second HotSpot sprint won by BMC's Ian McKissick, a break that included Lill, McKissick, Deeny and Caldwell was formed with McKissick and Deeny sharing most of the pace making, but McKissick flatted about 3 miles (5 km) before the start of the last climb, up Big Mountain.

Going for broke, Lill surged up the climb and only Caldwell could match his pace with the main contenders grouping together in a chase group led by Rock Racing as they had three riders in the group.

Slowly the gap grew up to 45 seconds but decreased to 20 seconds by the time Lill crossed the top first. Chadwick led the chase group over the top to grab the KOM jersey.

And the race was on who would be faster. The Lill & Caldwell duo or the chase group in the final 10 miles (16 km) to the finish line. With Lill in front most of the time giving it all, the duo came to the finish line first with Caldwell winning the sprint.

Jeff Louder (BMC) bringing in the chase group

In the general classification, only 38 seconds separate 13 riders with 3 riders each from Garmin-Chipotle: Caldwell, Donald and Best Young Rider Peter Stetina, BMC: Lill, Louder and Bookwalter and Rock Racing: Oscar Sevilla, Cesar Grajales and Tyler Hamilton. And then we have the lone wolves of Baldwin, Burke Swindlehurst (Bissell), Chadwick and Phil Zajicek (Health Net-Maxxis). The stage is set but we all have to wait until Saturday's Queen stage before the outcome is known as the next stage is a 'day off' for the climbers. Two years, the queen stage was won by Caldwell.

Friday is the 90-minute four-corner Criterium in downtown Salt Lake City. While not many sprinters are on the start list for this race, a few names to watch are Ricardo Escuela (Successful Living), Roman Kilun (Health Net-Maxxis), Jared Barrilleaux (Jittery Joe's), Fast Freddie Rodriguez (Rock Racing), Jonny Clarke (Toyota-United) and Ryan Anderson (LandRover-Orbea).

Blake Caldwell (Garmin-Chipotle), stage winner, yellow jersey

About working with Darren. It was just us two at the top, at that point on with my teammates behind, I was given to okay to work with Darren, didn't want the gap to get too much, I just wanted to make I could either win the sprint or that one of my teammates would pull on my jersey. I worked with Darren on the way down, he was the one trying to get the gap, it was up to him to try and get the leader's jersey.

Darren Lill (BMC), second in stage

About the stage. Scott crashed unfortunately after the second climb. It's quite a big loss for us, he was one of our key players, he was going really well. Ian was in the break with me, he was doing a great job of maintaining the pace, the other guys in the break didn't seem to want to come through and it was pretty much him and the guy in the KOM jersey, the two of them and myself, I was riding through to relieve them sometimes but I really trying to save for the climbs and it was really unfortunate that Ian punctured with 5 K to go to Big Mountain but I was feeling good and at the stage, I decided I had to commit and I was just praying for good legs, I felt that I had good legs, it would have been nice to have been able to ride Blake off but I think he benefited from being able to sit on and he had fresher legs going into the climb. I guess he did a good job to stay there.

Jeff Louder (BMC), third in stage

About the stage. We went over that first climb, it was a pretty select group, Garmin had a large number, we had a pretty good number, all the favorites were there I think and that's hard because all the favorites look at each other. With the numbers we were trying to attack each other and try to make it a smaller group. It was busy, we were attacking and it was coming back, on and off the whole time.

About his team. The whole day, it's obvious from the outcome, the guys were amazing, I had almost zero pressure today, it was amazing, I had a lot of faith in the guys and they delivered, they did exactly what we planned to do, everybody stepped up. It's a shame that we had to lose Scott, the first half of the race, he was flying. And it's too bad that we lost Steve Bovay. But the rest of us, the five of us are good. Bookwalter was solid in the group, he led me out for third. We have good numbers, obviously the training camp and preparation has paid off, it pays to know.

About the Tour of Utah. I can't say how much I really just love racing and getting to do a race like this in Utah. Can't thank the sponsors enough, for me, it's so just much fun to come down those descents, it's where I train all the time, usually they are cars passing me. It's an honor.

Brad White (Successful Living), Sprint leader

About defending the green jersey. I was hoping to not have to do anything to defend that jersey but I ended up having to go for that first sprint. I got over the first climb, 5 or 6 guys or a little bit more than that, I thought we'd keep it rolling to the first sprint, no one was there to contend, I thought they'd give it to me, people starting coming back on and coming on, then a lot of it came back together, it was a little tough but I was happy to take the sprint and then I just kept rolling for the climb, figured I could ride the climb at my own tempo and just get caught half way up that would be better than following all the accelerations up the climb. It worked out really well for me, the second climb was kind of a non factor for me which was really good. Then that last climb, I started too far back and got gapped, ended up in the second group chasing hard and it was really impressive those guys staying away because we were really chasing hard, not gaining time.

About defending the jersey until the end. We'll see, I'll take it day by day I guess, we'll see how it goes. The crit tomorrow, I'd better look at how many sprints there are and where they are, we'll look at that tonight and we'll try and defend the jersey but tomorrow is more about winning the stage with Ricardo [Escuela].

Scott Nydam (BMC)

About his crash. It was just a moment of not paying attention. I rubbed wheel with Brent. I threw a bottle and I looked over, and oh soot I'm going to get a fine for that and then I rubbed. I was going left, Brent was going right, and we just rubbed wheels. We were moving pretty good, I went down and it was pretty painful and I got up, and then tried to put it back together and my collarbone moved out of place, that's it. My helmet took a hit, it did its job. Pain.

Glen Chadwick (Team Type 1), KOM leader

Was it the goal to go for KOM jersey? No, not really, I just was at the front so I got second on the first one, I went oh well, and then the next one, it was a big chainring sort of finish, a few guys were before me but I just caught them and went around them. then the last one, I rode tempo all the way up on my own, no one came over at the top, I had all the guys behind me, I don't like when guys sort of surge or attack but I can always stay with them but I prefer to ride at the front, set a hard enough tempo hat guys don't attack. No one sort of contested over the top.

About the chase. Rock had 3 guys there so they started working first but the gap wasn't coming down too well, a few of us that were individuals and had no teammates there, we started to chase as well. It was a headwind so it was pretty hard. It was a pretty hard day, I'm pretty tired, worn out.

(l-to-r): Best Utah Rider Eric Pardyjak (Canyon Bicycles Utah All-Stars); Best Young Rider Peter Stetina (Garmin-Chipotle)

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