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We lit out of the house well before sunrise to try and beat some of the summer-like heat and humidity that have moved into the area like an unwelcome guest that is bound to stay too long.

It worked ok and we got in a nice long out-n-back ride by early afternoon. Sat around the house for a while and cooled off before showering, dressing up and heading out again. Didn't eat too much as we had a plan and places to go.

Headed down along the waterfront and parked the bikes were Von could keep an eye on them for us.

Then it was time for some serious refueling!

Never seen the ol' park so full and jumping. I'm telling you; the place was alive.

As the K's kept building up the cheers got louder and louder (there was even a wave going on for a while). Amazing to see in DC. Even the Prez got into the action.

Wouldn't it figure that our Nats would still find a way to lose. :mad2:

Ride your bike! Every one else is, you might as well too! :thumbsup:
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