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British cycling stunned after junior TT champion and masters road race winner guilty of doping | CyclingTips

The master's racer had this gem to say.

The most surprising aspect about the case is his explanation. In a detailed statement released by UKAD, his defence claimed that he had been tired after a training camp abroad last February. He said that he went to a gym on February 17 and decided to give himself a vitamin B12 injection.


“He told those present that he had run out of syringes and he wanted to take a Vitamin B12 injection but was unable to do so because he did not have a syringe. One of the persons present is said to have checked his bag and had a used syringe with him. This person then offered the syringe to the Respondent.
I sincerely hope for humanity's sake this guy isn't retarded enough to use another person's needle to inject vitamins. He should have two options at this point.

1 - Accept the doping sanction
2 - Report to the soylent green processing facility
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