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I'm buying my first new bike in ten years after recently getting back involved. Decided on a Hybrid model, Raleigh GLX Plus.

My local bike shop sells it for £400 but I've found it online for £320 "unassembled". They'll also price match but deliver it in the same condition.

I thought you have to attach the front wheel, pedals and maybe handlebars anyway but it frightens me if it involves touching the brakes and gears.

This picture looks like a lot of hard work ahead.

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How much work?

Well, I know-that I, knowing what I am doing, can put together a bike from where I see in your picture to fully rideable in probably under an hour. This including general assembly, head-set and stem set-up, set-up/adjustment of brakes, set-up/adjustment of shifters, and shooting air into the tires.

There are lots of books out there on bike maintenance and assembly and set-up--I think ParkTool has part of their website dedicated to it actually. The Zinn book is quite good, Bicycling has one also that is good.

I think there is an object lesson in here somewhere, no? :)

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I spent 4 months assembling bikes at a local shop. Assembly and tuning time varied dramatically depending on the quality of the bike, and what brand it was.

The bike you are considering has a ton of accessories, which will add to the build time as well. I would probably take a couple of hours to do the job if not in a rush. In my experience, most/all of the components will need to be checked or adjusted before I declare the bike to be "good to go." For example, It was not uncommon for the deraileur hanger to be out of alignment after shipping. An essential adjustment like that requires a special tool, that many home mechanics might not have. Sometimes wheel bearings are too tight/loose. Sometimes the cable housing length is way too long - proper cable cutters help with this....

And, sometimes, the bikes come pretty darn good, and with only a little tweaking, are "good to go."
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