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Crédit Agricole rider Saul Raisin is said to be in a stable condition after undergoing an operation to reduce swelling on his brain on Thursday afternoon following his bad crash at the Circuit of the Sarthe on Tuesday.


There is growing concern about Crédit Agricole’s Saul Raisin, who was taken to hospital in Angers on Tuesday after crashing near the finale of the opening stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe. L’Equipe’s website reported on Thursday morning that the 23-year-old American was “between life and death” after suffering facial trauma in the crash.

Raisin was placed in a drug-induced coma on Wednesday evening after being affected by swelling on his brain.

Contacted on Thursday by Associated Press, Crédit Agricole team manager Roger Legeay, who has been at Raisin's bedside since Wednesday afternoon, confirmed that Raisin's condition had "worsened this morning, the swelling has increased. Yesterday afternoon he was doing OK, and we chatted for a bit. But his condition is changing all the time and the doctors don't want to make any predictions."

On Thursday afternoon, surgeons at Angers hospital operated to ease the swelling on Raisin's brain. Following the operation, Crédit Agricole team doctor Dr Menard said "there is no longer any danger to his life" and described his condition as "stable".

According to others members of the Crédit Agricole staff, speaking to procycling at the Sarthe race, Raisin is believed to have caused the crash that led to him being hospitalised, and riders who were close to the American at the time have said that he appeared to be in a trance-like state before he crashed. The American suffered an epileptic fit on the Ronde de l'Isard race three years ago, when only quick action by Crédit Agricole espoirs team manager Lionel Marie prevented him choking on his tongue. It is suspected Raisin had a similar attack on Tuesday.

His parents are flying out to France from the US, and are expected to arrive in Angers on Friday morning.
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