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Ok, I've been running my homemade light that I shamelessly copied from this thread here:

I started with the SLA battery, but found it too heavy and bulky to use regularly. I then found this battery:

I found it on e-bay for $49.99 and got it last week ( ). It works great. The NiMh really works well. I did a test run on it and got a little over 3 hours off a single charge. This was with the 20 Watt light. It is a truly incredible light. The PVC doesn't overheat (although it does get warm) and it lights up the entire world in front of me. Total cost on this light, around $60.00 or so. Not bad for a 12V 20 Watt light. Probably could have made it even cheaper had I not been so impatient and bought more online instead of purchasing stuff locally.

Thanks to Croswell1 for posting the how-to on this light!

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Thank you....thank you very much...........

Glad you got some benefit from my thread, Chris. You are right about the SLA battery though, it is a little heavy but it sure is cheap. I would also like to get a nimh water bottle battery too, but other bike parts I need get in the way.
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