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Right now i have a 2006 Specialized Allez elite double 9 speed.

I have at the bike for a little more than a year now and i want to upgrade it.

Right now--
components- full 105
wheels- alex alx 298
pedals--shimano spd

I am thinking to upgrade my wheels to rol race sl and the pedals.

What pedals should i get and are the wheels a good choice?

wheels $ no more than 700 already built
pedals good value / bang for the buck no more than 150 / have to get shoes as well.

Thanks for the help in advance.
All ideas will be considered

scruffy nerf herder
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this is just me and people will sometimes gnash their teeth and say bad things, but Ive had impeccable performance out of my Ultegra pedals. Put a fresh set of cleats on every once in a while and you will be fine. Im talking ... hmmm... I ride about 6k miles a year and race... and have had the same pedals since 2003... and just now replaced them... so... what... 30k miles on a pair of ultegra pedals... thats freaking solid on a $140 investment. Oh, and I just found another pair on ebay for <$100. Sold. May not be as light as some... but I have not had ONE SINGLE phantom release. No squeaks whatsoever. I pay for performance and longevity... so these have not let me down.

Note, the finish gets a little dinged over time, not to say that most pedals wont... but I would say that these would look worn faster than say.. an eggbeater or speedplay.

You do need to do something about those wheels though. I will say this... chainlove has had some PHAT deals on wheels lately... I think some EA90s for $397 yesterday. Thats a hella deal. Somepeople freaking love their Neuvation 280s although for fast power racers... and if you have any weight at all, seem to have some spoke, eyelet cracking issues... especially on drive side... but those may be fixed now. Nothing wrong with a simple set of ultegra to open pros... honestly one of the best price for performance/durability options out there ... for like $300. I have no clue about the ROLs
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