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I have Apex derailleurs (wifi rear). Is it worth the upgrade?

I did that very thing last year. Never had any problem with Apex. Never had any problem with Force - both WiFli. Force is just lighter.

At the same time - I put Red Shifters on (in place of the Apex). The zero-loss feature was the noticeable part of the transition - I suspect. I'd say that Zero Loss is not just marketing BS.

Bottom line - the Apex was fine. I upgraded - because I wrecked and broke an Apex brake lever housing, and the Red shifters were offered to me for a very good price. I had already bought some new Force Brakes - and they were a different color than the white Apex stuff I was running - and Force RDs are pretty cheap - so I just went ahead and did it all. Went with a Force 22 Yaw FD.

I still have my Apex group (except the broken lever) - and may one day put it on a back up bike - or a bike for my kid. Good stuff.
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