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Hello all,

I ride a Trek 5500 full dura-ace 10sp and have a commuter bike for the city a Trek T30.

This is the navigator equiped bike, triple crankset and 7 speed cassette with grip shifters,
The rear derailer is a shimano acera and has Tektro v-brakes

This is an european model so I guess it is not avaliable in America.

here you have the specs

However it is a very nice city bike, with aluminum frame and well equiped, I absolutely hate how this bike switches speeds. The rear derailer, changes cogs when I am climbing or even when pedalling hard and I am on the handlebars.

It is maybe normal for a bike on that price level, but it is really annoying and I keep comparing it with my racing bike that shifts speeds smoothly and never fails me on climbs or sprints.

So I decided to upgrade it.

I have 2 choices.

  1. Upgrade the shifters, cassette, rear derailer and chain to Deore LX
  2. Change the whole drivetrain for a Shimano 105 groupset

So my questions are.

for option 1:

The front crankset is a 7 speed, would it work with a 9 speed drivetrain ? Or I have also to change the shimano TX71 48s/38s/28s crankset for another ?

for option 2

I could change the whole drivetrain to a Shimano 105 group I can get at good price. I would also then change the flat handlebars to a road handlebars and install the shimano STIs.

Actually this option is what I would like most, I love the racing handlebars and generally dislike the flat handlebars.

But, would the STIs work with the V-Brakes ?
If not, Can I install the 105 brakes with the 700x35c wheels and tires?

Thanks for your answers

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Before you go swapping out you components I would see if you can diagnose the ghost shifting problem. If it’s due to frame flex new components won’t help much. Things to check:
1. Cables adjustment.
2. Bent derailleur hanger.
3. Chain stretch.
4. Bent derailleur pulley cage.

Have a look here there is a tone of stuff on diagnosing and fixing problems.

As for your questions.
1. I suspect the chain rings might be a little wide, though I am not sure about this. If they are you could just get some newer chain rings which should work fine with your current crankset. Worst that could happen would be poor front shifting in which case you could just swap out the chain rings.

2. The 105 levers should work just fine with the V-Brake, they do that type of thing all the time with cyclocross bikes.

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I agree with Shawn...take a look at what is causing the ghost-shifting first!

As for brakes, road levers will not work with V-brakes. Cyclocrossers use cantilevers (which WILL work with traditional road levers), not Vs. There's only one model of V-brake compatible road brake levers that I'm aware of...Dia Compe 287V or somesuch.

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Thank you for yor answers

I got me a full Alivio set with a Deore derailer for cheap, new parts, taken out of a mountain bike by someone who upgraded it from the start

only $50 for the Alivio shifters, front derailers, cassete 11-34 and the Deore rear derailer.

I'll set up the bike with those components and put on a new chain.

Tath would solve the problem :)
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