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Before you go swapping out you components I would see if you can diagnose the ghost shifting problem. If it’s due to frame flex new components won’t help much. Things to check:
1. Cables adjustment.
2. Bent derailleur hanger.
3. Chain stretch.
4. Bent derailleur pulley cage.

Have a look here there is a tone of stuff on diagnosing and fixing problems.

As for your questions.
1. I suspect the chain rings might be a little wide, though I am not sure about this. If they are you could just get some newer chain rings which should work fine with your current crankset. Worst that could happen would be poor front shifting in which case you could just swap out the chain rings.

2. The 105 levers should work just fine with the V-Brake, they do that type of thing all the time with cyclocross bikes.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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