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Ollie Right said:
SuperDave - Is there going to be a US model of the B2 Pro for 2011 or is the B2 the only one (the DA is too expensive for me)?

I saw none listed on the US site, but saw the SRAM Red B2 Pro with Zipp wheels version on the International site.

Also liked the Carbon Clinchers on that, but my ideal would be the Di2 of the B2 and the extras of the B2 pro at a lower price than the DA.

Thanks in advance.

No B2 Pro for the USA market, but it sounds like DA frameset with a build kit like the B10 with your choice of wheels would be your best bet. You should be able to get everything you want (including a BB30 crankset like the Vision) on the new DA frame and keep the retail price near the B2 Pro. I know there are many shops capable of creating the spex you need, but if you need assistance with finding a local dealer, please let me know.

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