Colorado Springs, Colo. - In light of the recent allegations by Mr. Landis, USA Cycling would like to reiterate its zero tolerance policy for doping in sport. As the official governing body for all American cycling, USA Cycling supports all efforts and agencies in preventing doping within cycling and cooperates fully with the appropriate testing and enforcement agencies.

"In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency's Code of Athlete's Rights, USA Cycling does not and will not discuss doping allegations, investigations or any aspect of an adjudication process," stated USA Cycling CEO Steve Johnson. "There are many accusations being circulated and we are confident these will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Cycling is the most aggressive sport in the fight against doping with some of the most diverse and innovative monitoring and testing programs including in and out of competition urine and blood tests, medical monitoring for Pro Tour and Pro Continental teams, and the biological passport program."

The United States Anti-Doping Agency, USADA, is an independent, national anti-doping agency with the explicit authority to test athletes and investigate doping allegations or abnormal test results. USADA was created in 2000 by Congress to provide an independent agency to police doping in U.S. Olympic sport. Therefore, by design, National Governing Bodies are not the primary conduit or gatekeeper for information to USADA. If USA Cycling were to receive specific information alleging doping, it is our procedure to forward that information to USADA. It is however, the responsibility of any athlete with firsthand knowledge of doping to report it directly to USADA. Direct routes to notify USADA are available at and USA Cycling encourages all members with evidence of doping to report directly to USADA.