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My latest road bike is 3 years old. I spent 2 of those on the stock Ksyrium Elites which, due to the very wet, nasty, steep riding I do, got the rims thinner than I want to run. Then I had a custom set built - HED C2/Alchemy/CX-Ray. I'm probably half way through those rims and my thinking with custom build and my riding was that I'd just keep rebuilding and replacing just the rims and be ahead in the long run. But - I've had some trouble keeping the hubs running well and I don't have a good builder here in Taiwan, so it means either carrying or shipping the wheels stateside for the rebuild - headache.

So - my new thinking is that I run cheap wheels for two years and toss them. Ideally, this will be a wheel I buy, put on, and don't think about for two years - then trash. So they can't be too pricey. I'm thinking $300-$500, with $300ish looking better for obvious reasons. So Bicycle Wheel Warehouse comes to mind and I'd really like to go that route due to good rep around here. BUT - I'm really sold on the wide rims and don't see any there. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm looking over on the right here and seeing Neuvation. They have some wide rims and $300ish would get me some hubs spokes and wheels I've never heard of at a good price and weight. I don't know if they'll last 2 years. (They're not black, but I may tolerate that.) I could get some A23's built around 105's or Ultegra hubs for that price, but they are pretty dang heavy at 2000g+ I'd kinda like to keep it under 1700g ish, but wouldn't rule it out altogether.

So - I want sub $500, sub 1700g(?), wide rims, that will run for two years without me thinking about them. (Black hubs and rims would be bonus.)

These fit the bill at $330 - 1600g - 23mm. But I don't know this hub. Might not run for two years.

Velocity A23 Race Road Bike 700c Wheelset Pro DT Black 20 24H SEALED 1598 Grams | eBay
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