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Value of a secondhand Colnago Active

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Hello guys,

I need an advice on a road Colnago bike. Would anyone please give me a fair estimate of the value of a used Colnago Active? This one is probably 2004 and comes with carbon rear stay B-STAY and original carbon fork and in very good used condition:

Full specs:
Frame: Colnago Columbus Altec2 7005 Aluminium Triple Butted Tubes, Solution Treated-Controlled Ageing
Wheels: Campagnolo Proton Alloy
Hubs: Campagnolo (not sure about the model)
Seat: Colnago San Marco
Groupset: Campagnolo Centaur Century Gray (170 mm) Triple Crankset 3*10 (basically all the parts are Campy Centaur Century Gray, these are levers, brakes, crankset, derailleurs, cassette)
Chain: Shimano Ultegra CN-6600
Head Set Spacer: MASSI Carbon
Angleset: MSC 7075 t6 cnc total made
Fork crown: MSC 7075 t6 cnc total made
Stem: EA70
Handlebars: EA70
Seatpost: Colnago original
Pedals: Shimano contact

It has no major damage except for a few paint chips. No decals damaged.

Any help would be appreciated


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Check out bicycle blue book.

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