Former Australian National Road Champion Katie Mactier has been in Sonoma County all week with the ValueAct Capital team for their training camp.

Katie will be participating in first edition of the Amgen Tour of California Women's Criterium presented by the Redwood Regional Breast Center. "I'm really looking forward to racing with the girls again in the Amgen Tour of California Women's Criterium. We have a very strong team; and I know the competition will be very good and we plan to go out there and win." The Criterium will be held hours before the men's Stage 1 finish in downtown Santa Rosa.

RBR caught up with this very talented rider at the ValueAct Capital training camp to talk about 2008.

What are your goals for 2008?

It's a big year for me. I have the Olympics coming up. I am preparing for the 3000m pursuit. I was really lucky last year as I had the opportunity to ride with ValueAct. They are a terrific group of girls. This year the program's even bigger….and it's a very important, key part of my preparation for August. We have some fantastic races lined up. Everybody here brings a unique element to the team dynamics. I am sure we are going to get a lot of great results. We also just enjoy each others company. We learn from each other....we share our different experiences. Everything I do this year is in preparation for August.

That must mean you are riding in Manchester (World Track Championship)? (Note: Katie Mactier was the 2005 World Pursuit Champion)

That's correct. I am at team training camp right now but I go back to Australia next week. I hook up with the Australian team and we will be preparing for Manchester. It's just a massive year as there is a lot on my plate. The ValeAct team is very much a part of me obtaining my goals.

We see many road riders entering the track arena.

I actually did not find the track until 2003. I was a roadie and I got waylaid in Australia with visa complications. My coach and I then decided to have a go at the Track Nationals that basically opened up new experiences and opportunities for me. I certainly have not looked back. It's been full steam ahead with my pursuit (racing)….but you can't do it without the road. I thoroughly love the road. I really enjoy being part of a team. For me I can't do one without the other….it does not work without each other.

Sounds like your plan is to keep this dual road/track path?

I make no secret that the track is my absolute pride and joy….and the 3000m individual pursuit is my absolute number one priority. I am going to get through this year…get through the Olympics. I would get very old and tired of the track if I was not able to mix it up with the road...which offers me the opportunity to enjoy the girls and to be part of a team. Going to terrific races only make me a better pursuit rider.

What races then are you focusing on for the road?

I am gonna take a couple of weeks after the Track Worlds just to get my road legs back. I'll come back to America and getting ready for Gila and Mt. Hood. We now have the Mt Hood reigning champion. In terms of my victory…it really isn't about that for me. I am happy to be up front for my teammates. Provided that one of us gets on the's a wn-win. Any race that I am in will always be a race to win…or help my team podium. One race that I have always enjoyed is Philly, It's a lot of fun. I love America and I love the racing here. Last year was terrific. It was kinda like a dress rehearsal for this year.

We are not curing cancer here. We are racing our bikes. We have been given an incredible opportunity…one that many would love. We have a team policy of, "No tears and lots of laughing." We are very honest girls and give each other lots of encouragement. The girls here come from amazing backgrounds. They really are amazing. We sat around the other night and just shared tales…I feel very honored to be a part of this great team. Cycling is something we all share in common. Of course when we put our numbers on we are there to win but…..leading up to the race we want to have a good time.

What in the road has helped you in the track?

The 3000m pursuit is an endurance event. You have to have the endurance base. History proved that this is the right recipe for me.