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Or maybe NOT. I understand Evans faltered last year, but the way van den Broeck was so outspoken during the tour--instead of just riding--rubbed me the wrong way. His performance this year shows his sentiments were not misplaced. But I still think the guy is a jerk.

I personally think it's cool that the leader of France would visit the Tour. Doesn't seem unreasonable that he would visit during the Queen stage.

Van den Broeck clashes with Sarkozy
By: Brecht Decaluwé

Belgian climber annoyed with mountaintop finish bustle

After finishing a great stage 17 which left him in view of a top five Tour de France finish in Paris, Jurgen Van den Broeck of Omega Pharma-Lotto got a bit annoyed with the media bustle around French president Nicolas Sarkozy on top of the Col du Tourmalet.


While his soigneur apologized and Sarkozy's bodyguards rushed around the president, Van den Broeck was outspoken about the situation.

"If he's in my way, I'm going over him. If he comes to the race, he's got to move aside for the riders," said the Belgian, who was blocked again by the presidential car as he wanted to ride down the mountain to the team bus. Van den Broeck started shouting out his annoyance as he tried to find his way down. Cyclingnews told him that it was the car of the French president and he said, "It can be anybody. I don't care."​

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