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Ron is correct. Here is Velocity's response to a question re: A23 weight based on an article on their blog re: the A23

Barry said...


Here you give the A23 weight as about 440g; on the website link above it says 426g. Can you give a weight weenie a "precise" weight?

June 4, 2010 2:21 PM
a.lo said...


The weight listed on the main site is correct. I weighed this rim right before taking the picture. Along with most other rim manufacturers, we have a +/- 10% weight variance on our rims in relation to our listed weight. This particular rim comes in well below that at around +3%.

Also I just weighed an equivalent A23 32 hole with a MSW and it comes in 8 grams lighter at 432 grams. I'm sure if I weighed more we would encounter a few that were less than the listed 426 grams.

Ron just built a set of wheels for me using A23 (20 and 24 holes) rims that I requested and they came in at 24 grams heavier than I estimated based on the published weights of the rims, spokes and hubs. Since the hubs weights were verified as accurate on, and I assume the spokes weren't heavier than published weight (perhaps not a reasonable assumption), I attribute the increase to the rims.

Anyway, the wheels are great - Ron is a great wheelbuilder. The A23 ride much smoother - you can tire psi given the A23 wide profile - and corner better than my Bontrager x-lites and spin up quicker. I wouldn't let the weight variations put you off the A23.
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