Saddle manufacturer Velo focuses on a unified image with new makeover

In any market, visual efforts immediately catch the attention of consumers and can communicate a change or emphasize awareness. For Velo, a leading manufacturer of saddles, grips and handlebar tapes, this is a concept the company uses to capitalize on by creating new structured designs that emphasize each of its brand's unique characteristics. For the year 2012, Velo's performance line, Senso, has been expanded to include new and extra-light competition saddles, while Plush has added new saddles with sporty features. The upgraded product lines, specifically created for the aftermarket, are now distinguishable through new, sleek designs that depict the overall focus of each brand.

For Senso the visual design has been fundamentally modified. With its expressive black-andwhite composition, the saddle conveys an extremely athletic and dynamic look that further demonstrates Velo's direction for its performance line. This athletic design has been added to the 2012 product range, which consists of competition saddles equipped with carbon injected bases and carbon fiber rails. While the brand has previously manufactured saddles in various colors and designs, the majority of the saddles will now depict the new black-andwhite look. Following the performance-based campaign launched at Eurobike 2010, the new design has now been implemented into the overall strategy. It further compliments the brand's focus as a technologically-rich performance brand. By streamlining the brand's visual appearance, brand recognition among aftermarket customers will increase.

Plush, Velo's comfort brand appealing to a larger range of consumers has been refreshed without losing the saddle's three signature design elements: A black and grey cover, yellow Plush label, and yellow and white Velo logo. The new design now features yellow and black curved lines on the seating area adding a timeless look and contributing to a high recognition value. To better recognize the individual Plush models, the model numbers have been incorporated into the design and are displayed above the Plush label. The design's improvement will also extend the brand's appeal to include a younger generation.

By renewing the aesthetics of the Senso and Plush saddles, Velo creates a corporate design for each of its brands that will be communicated in the future while uniting the communication of the existing Plush and Senso brand campaigns with the new designs.

Source: Kerstin Thiel