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angel of the morning
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you must be one sexy mo-fo ...

lookie that ... celeste tires, proper track bars with half tape, snakeskin saddle, tricky spoke rear wheel ...... PIMPIN' !!!!!!

that is just plain hot. agressive, lean, purposefull & a little out of the ordinary. well done - i see you spent plenty of time thinking this out and adding up all the bits for plenty of visual drool. much talent my good sir......

just 2 things ... dave_stohler is very correct about lacing spokes on the outside - being that you only have 16 of them it would be very prudent ...... & slap a silver seatpost on it (just try it) ... it will delineate where the frame ends and compliment the rest of it very nicely indeed.

all things said & done - if you post this on i can assure you of winning the next round of viewers favorites. heck, even this ol' retro grouch is rueing why i sold off my silver campy shamals for substantialy less than i paid for 'em. lusty shiny silver, gorgeous design and hotter than hot pink graphics make one set of pretty wheels.

you, my good sir, are a natural when it comes to putting together a styling bici - well done. it's not hard to make a fixed gear look good but when a delicious & memorable one like this is presented we should all say .... thank you for the inspiration & raising the art.

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