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Qubeley said:
I asked about re-lacing Vento to Dura-Ace track hub a while ago. And my master mechanic finally complete it:
Campy Vento rim 16H, Dura-Ace high flange track rear hub 32H, Sapim CX-rays spokes.
Thanks to all the people with suggestions on spokes, and Kerry Iron for the tips on the drive side lacing, I didn't realize that the hub holes are offset. Check out the detailed shot of rear wheel, skip two holes, then use next two, it worked out wonderfully.
Took out yesterday and today. the wheel is solid. Very stiff yet handle potholes better than the old wheel which was 32H 3X, I am guessing this is because of the spokes?
Anyway, enjoy!
Looks fantastic! I really like it. I'd probably go with Celeste tape, too, but that's just me.

I might be a little concerned about the strength of the hub flanges, given the reduced number of spokes, higher tension, and radial spoking. Check this:

I realize that this is a Campy, not a Dura Ace, but those problems were with full, tangential spoking, too.
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