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I just bought a Suunto X-Lander watch from I have been trying to win their auctions for a month now at eBay and have been getting sniped left and right. So I went to their website to check it out, and call them about getting one direct from them. The first thing that impressed me about the site is the web cam function. Their webcam is on a motor, and you the visitor can control it all around the shop. So I call them and as I am talking to them, I can find the guy on the phone with me and zoom in to the point where I can see his screen on the computer and watch him type in my info. Very cool. You can also sit and watch a mechanic build a wheel or build a bike up from scratch(I was very bored at work today and just left it up while I worked).

The thing that impressed me most about them was when the owner was on the phone with me, and he sold me the watch at the price the last one on eBay went for. That is $40 below the price he sells them online for! This is a shop trying to win my buisness. Not trying to shamelessly plug the shop here, but you should go check out the site just to play with the camera and make the mechanics nervous. The guy said the mechanics can here the motor on the camera, and always get camera shy when it swivels towards them. It looks to be mostly a mountain bike shop, but the camera is fun to play with.{8805E23C-9C57-4631-A00C-5A77949FC26B}&url=CAM
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