The Land Run 100

The peloton heads out for a long day of scenic suffering.​

Salsa is getting ready for another year of grinding gravel and with that comes a new short film. Take a step inside the world of the Land Run 100 and see why it's more than a gravel race, it's an answer to any cyclist's question about why they love to ride.

Land Run 100

When red clay and water mix it's not a pretty sight.​

Find out how a restless sleeper sparked serendipitous wonder that launched a movement that now shapes a community. Bobby and Crystal Wintle, owners of District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma built it, and the riders came. "

Read the RoadBikeReview report from the 2017 Land Run 100.

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In more news out of the Salsa camp, the bike maker is celebrating the culture of the gravel cycling movement in a unique way. Through grassroots and DIY efforts, the calendar of high-quality gravel races continues to grow, and so too does the number of B-Road fanatics that travel, support, ride and race together throughout the year. This season, at five events across the country, they'll be giving racers a chance to relax - if just for a minute - to immortalize a moment of their day and their participation in each of these fantastic events.

Salsa Chase the Chaise

Kick back and relax.​

Introducing Chase the Chaise. One luxurious lounge. One photographer. Five different gravel family rooms. Dirt, sweat, and tears from thousands of riders across the land. Photographic portraits to capture it all. Here's how it works.
  • Late on the course, you will encounter The Chaise
  • Stop and pose for your portrait
  • Receive a limited-edition Chase the Chaise patch, unique to each event
  • Visit, enter your email, and download and share your pictures using the hashtag #chasethechaise
  • Celebrate your accomplishment with all the other riders who also lined up that day

Look for Chase the Chaise at these events.

Salsa Races Chase

Crushing gravel with crushed velvet…​