Get inspired and build your own bike.

Get inspired and build your own bike.​

Today's woman is helping to drive the sport of cycling faster than any other single group. Unfortunately, the cycling industry still sometimes feels like a "Good old boys" club. Bike shops can be intimidating environments, and we often do a poor job explaining what really is going on with your bike.

That's why we love these two videos from filmmaker Jon Chew, who does a marvelous job revealing the artful process of bike building. The first video, She Builds, documents a woman building a bicycle for the first time. Chew demonstrates that the process is easier than it appears. Next up, we see the birth of a custom bike. Watch and enjoy.

[vimeo width="610" height="343"][/vimeo]A bike build film to inspire women -- and really anyone -- who loves bikes.

[vimeo width="610" height="343"][/vimeo]The birth of a custom bike.