The holidays are here and what better gift is there than buying your young one a bike. A bike is often a child's first sense of freedom and independence. So get them a bike that fits and get them on the path to a cycling lifestyle.

At RoadBikeReview we strongly oppose the use of training wheels. It has been proven time and time again that they do not help a child balance on two wheels. In fact, it actually delays a child's ability to ride a bike because the natural instincts to steer in to a lean or stick feet out when falling are discouraged.

Start the learning process on a balance bike or push bike. These bikes have no drivetrain or pedals and instead rely on pushing (or gravity) to propel the bike. The child can then focus on the balancing aspect of riding a bike.

Also, since we have an audience of enthusiasts who know how to fix, tune and fit bikes, we recommend buying a used bike. Goodwill or many second hand stores are goldmines for inexpensive bikes. It's good for the environment and it will allow you trade up for the right size bike as the child grows.

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Video courtesy of Global Cycling Network.