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Hey folks,

I bought a set of Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels at a swap meet this winter. I installed my Shimano 9 speed cassette (12/25) and everything was running fine until I noticed a rattle coming from that area. After removing the cassette and reinstalling it I realized that I can't get the lock nut to contact the cassette gears when I tighten it down. It comes into contact with the hub first which leaves the cassette gears free to rattle and shift on the hub. Am I installing a 9 speed cassette onto a 10 speed hub? Is this normal? I don't remember it being like this on my other wheels. Also it should be noted that there used to be a small thin metal washer on the lockring. That came off last year mid ride and got chucked. Is that piece being missing causing the problem? Any ideas would be of great help. Thanks!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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