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Anyone using these shoes? How is the fit? Width and Height of the Toebox?

I was riding with a pair of Nike YVR mountain Bike shoes in size 44 Wide and they fit perfectly. Now I have Switched to Look Keos and need new shoes.

Here's what I've tried so far, Sidi,Diadora,Shimano 131,Lakes, Pearl Izumi All of these are Tight in the toebox. I've also tried Sidi Mega, Lake Wide,and Northwave Aerators. The sidis and Lake were way too big (felt alot of movement). I am currently using the Northwaves Size 44 (43 was too small) but they also are too big especially in the heel and the height of the toebox.

As you can see I have very tough to fit feet.:p

Performance has them on sale + 20% off and my Team points I can get them for a killer price. They look like decent shoes?

Thanks for the help.

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