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Mixed results, mixed answers....


Im a little bit puzzled as to your desire to specifically improve a somewhat subjective number that is directly influenced by differing physiological conditions (rest, etc). Is there any SPECIFIC reason you are wanting to improve that number in and of itself? I think VO2 max is a number that may remain the same, yet you can still improve on the bike and be faster, or a better climber, or even a better sprinter with relatively the same VO2 max. I don't really think that VO2 max is an accurate measure of how good of a cyclist you are, but more a measure of how good of a cyclist you could be at a given time... you know? It is similar to studing... or memorizing a certain subset of information... like Geometry before taking a test like the SAT. It is a small % of the whole...

However, to answer your question. Getting plenty of base miles in your target aerobic zone (zone 3 for friel), and then getting several workouts with 6-12 minute work sessions building from zone 2 to 5a with 2-3 minutes recovery back down to zone 2 would probably help increase your body's tolerance to such work conditions. But training to improve your numbers calculated by someone at a health club is not likely the most reliable of measurements, but more like an estimate.

Dropping the weight is great. Keep up the good work. Increasing your power to weight ratio is a key aspect of cycling improvement!!!

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