Volagi took the wraps off, Viaje, the latest addition to Volagi's lineup of long bow seat stay road bikes at this year's Sea Otter Classic. Literally translated from Spanish, Viaje means "trip" or "journey". Journeys don't always go over paved roads though, so Volagi set to designing a bike that could handle like your road bike, power through rough patches like your cross bike, and fit racks and mounts like your randonneuring bike.

The Viaje is Volagi's first steel road bike featuring the same Long Bow Seat Stay technology and disc brake compatibility as their Liscio. Offered in both Reynolds 853 and a 525, it'll allow Volagi to hit very specific price points - $3200 and $2000. One will feature Campagnolo Chorus and the other most likely SRAM's Apex.

The Viaje answers a lot of questions Volagi's been asked over the short time they've been building bikes. Questions like "will it accept a rack," and "will it fit cyclocross tires?" On the Viaje, the answer is Yes. The Viaje's geometry will be very similar to that of the Liscio, the company's carbon bike designed for performance and long distances. But will allow up to 42c tires, 32 if you choose to run full fenders. Want to run racks, panniers, and a dynamo, you'll have all the mounts you'll need.

The Viaje is expected to arrive in final production form in August with a 27.2 seatpost, BB386 BB, and a 135mm spaced rear end.

For more information check out Volagi at www.volagi.com