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Folks - I've got a work colleague whose son has been battling neuroblastoma for over 3 years. Neuroblastoma is one of the nastiest cancers one can get. Because neuroblastoma gets so few of the cancer research $$, a group of parents have started an organization called Arms Wide Open to raise funds for neuroblastoma treatment research.

Pepsi is having a contest and will be giving away $250k for first and second place in their ‘health’ category for charities that are competing. Arms Wide Open is a group that is trying to fund more antibody therapies at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center so that kids have more options that are less toxic and damaging than chemotherapy. We are currently bouncing between 2nd and 3rd place and 3rd place doesn’t get anything! Thursday at midnight we need to be in second place. Please help this last push!

To vote by text, just text the number 102653 to 73774.

To vote online, go to

It really takes less than a minute to register and cast your vote (make sure it shows that your vote counted, you get 10 votes a day, but can only vote for one group per day, so make sure it says you have 9 votes left or the vote didn’t count). This could really go a long way in getting some funding for our kids that is desperately needed and we’re not asking anyone (besides Pepsi) for a dime! Thanks!
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