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I recently bought a pair of Vredestein Volante Pro Tri Comp tubulars.

Caution - they are made in Thailand.

I put them on, headed out for a ride and was thinking how really nice they rode. About 25 miles out the front tire absolutely exploded. Gone. Blew apart right at the base of the Valve.

I was looking at the second one of the two last night, still mounted on the bike. It has about 100 miles total on it.

I noticed that the rear tire, the still "good" one, has a Bubble right in the centre of the tread, turning white.

Deflated the tire, pumped it up again and sure enough - there's the bubble, only bigger.

Two tires.

$100 total.

one gave me 25 miles.

The other 100 miles.

They're both done.

I ride and like the Vred. clinchers, I suppose the $110 Fortezza Tri Comp Pros would be better, but still and all. You're putting your name on the tires. I haven't even had this happen with the $20 Clements.

Beware everyone.
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