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It’s always a great tour! I was so upset about Valverde... This may be it for him?

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That's what I was thinking. It would be a shame to end such a long and illustrious career with a crash. Valverde has been one of my favorite pros for a long time. Lets me believe that us old guys can still compete.
Yeah, it's too bad it had to end like that for him.
It was upsetting to see him go out like that. Lucky he didn't hit that guard rail badly. He is a fighter and I anticipate he will come back and finish on his terms when he is ready. I hope.
This was two weeks ago in Mexico, the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana. Valverde is very active, attacking with less than 5k to go. This clip is the the last 10k of stage 3, and they hit a nasty gravel section at less than 3k to go with 10% grade. This is a great race, a nice stiff finish, the leader's jersey changes hands, and good to see Valverde a factor late in the stage at age 42. He got fifth on the stage finished the race fifth on GC.

A great racing vid to watch, especially the last 5k.

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