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EDIT : I'm leaving the original post in place, but I've found a way to correct the chainline problem, thanks to an article on Sheldon Brown's site. The solution is simple : use an ISO BB, not a JIS one. Upon verfication, I've realised that Vuelta USA's website mentionned only the prescribed axle length, not the type of taper that should be used... So you're not going against their recommendations if you pick the ISO BB rather the the JIS one. Don't listen to Outside Outfitter's recommendations there - JIS is WRONG!

Now that I've solved my chainline problem, I've left more adequate feedback on these cranks in the following thread :

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to advice anyone AGAINST buying Vuelta Pista cranks. If you need track cranks, be it for a street fixie or for the velodrome, look elsewhere. These are nice to look at and all, but they are poorly designed.

Vuelta USA recommends a JIS taper BB with a 108mm axle, but using a 107mm axle, I have obtained a chainline of 48mm. Problem is, most track hubs are designed around a 43.5mm chainline. How are you supposed to get a nice chainline if your cranks and wheels are offset by 5 effin' millimeters??? 'Makes for a loud drivetrain & lots of friction.

Don't try to find a BB with a shorter spindle either... 107mm is as short as square tapers come by [EDIT : OK - 103mm is actually the shortest]. I wish I could find one with a 98mm spindle and have a perfect chainline but NO. 'Does not exist. Even if I move the chainring inside the arms (which will be VERY ugly on a "dedicated" track crankset), I'll have to add spacers to reach a decent chainline. Is that silly enough?

I'm pretty frustrated right now. This crank was a darn waste of money. I'm a bit broke right now and I really couldn't afford crapware that is just good enough to throw away.

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