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I have been riding a pair of pro superlights for about a year. I would rate them as mediocre. Reasonable weight, mid 1600 if I recall, and minus the use of straight pull spokes remind me off Eason Circuits, although the ride is not nearly as solid.
The build on my set was average. The front was good but on the rear I needed to true out some fairly noticable lateral wobble and that returns fairly consistently. Under heavy pedaling there is also some popping from the rear wheel. Makes me think the tensioning on the initial build was poor. The hubs spin very smooth.
If you are big on your graphics, the ones they use get dirty and are a pain to clean. Expect white stains to be permanent on your stickers. Strip them and go stealth.
The ride is OK. Nothing to write home about but pretty solid for everyday riding. They have withstood some pretty good smacks in crappy roads as the ice shelf here melts away. Overall, decent but I would spend a little more and get Eastons, which I love, or I have heard good things about Neuvation. If I did buy Vueltas I would definately buy them from an LBS so you can get service.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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