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Thanks to everybody for the compliments on my Rambouillet.

Walrus: I prefer to call the paint color "rust," an appropriate name for a steel bike.

Treky, Andy M-S, Buffedupboy: The saddle on the bike is a Fizik Vitesse. Yes I do crave a Brooks (maybe I'll get a maroon one), but the Vitesse is extremely comfortable and I have a ridiculuous paranoia about pushing the weight of my bicycle past the 23 lb. barrier.

plus vite: Here are my adventures regarding the sizing of the bicycle. When I phoned up Rivendell in Northern California and gave them my measurements, they recommended a 56 cm frame. My dealer, by contrast, took one look at me and told me I ought to have a 54. I'm glad I took my dealer's advice. When I straddle my 54, the inseam of my jeans fits snugly against the top tube. (I have yet to wear lycra while riding it.) If I had gone for a 56 as Rivendell recommended, the only way I could have straddled the bicycle would have been to lean it 'way over -- not a convenient thing at all, and not exactly safe, either.

As for the feel of the bike, in comparison to my 53 center-to-top Colnago Dream Plus it feels absolutely massive. When I first get onto it after riding the Colnago, I feel as if I'm borrowing the bike from a big brother. The super-wide handlebars that the Rivendell folks recommend only add to the sensation of largeness. When I'm riding on the tops, I'm in classic Rivendell upright position. When I ride on the brake hoods or in the drops, I'm almost as leaned over as when I'm on the Colnago.

By the same token, when I first get onto the Colnago after riding the Rambouillet, the Colnago feels tiny and delicate.

Turning to the question of weight, in my opinion at least, weight is an extremely important parameter. The Rambouillet is a definitely a smile machine, but it just doesn't provide the sheer thrill that riding the 18.7 lb. Colnago does. When I get on the Colnago after riding the Rambouillet, it's as if my legs have instantly become turbocharged. The Rambouillet is cruise, cruise, cruise. The Colnago is zoom, zoom, zoom.
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