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I posted this in the commuting forum and got a couple of replies. Thought I might get some further info here...

I'd like a waterproof trunk that will hold my lunch & snacks:

- 3 cup rectangular Pyrex
- 2 cup round Pyrex
- 1/2 cup Nalgene
- 750 mL Sigg (this could go into a bottle cage)
- apple
- banana
- fork & spoon

I'd really like one where the water runs off and doesn't soak into the outer fabric. This way I can wipe it clean with a rag and stick it in the shared fridge or set it on my desk without making a mess.

So far the Nashbar Elite with the built-in rain cover seems to be the best choice:

Ortlieb makes both a hard shell box and neoprene-topped box, but at $120 they're a little pricey . Vaude doesn't seem to make one that meets my specs. I'd like to avoid putting a plastic bag over the trunk.



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I have the Nashbar one that expands. It has held up to daily commuting 5 days a week since February here in Minnesota, and the rain cover does work well. The actual trunk rack is also coated on the inside, and the one time I didn't stop in the rain to put the cover on, my stuff still stayed dry.

I don't know about long-term durability, but mine is holding up well so far. The one thing I don't like about it is that the flap that covers the zipper is a little tight, and you have to peel it up to unzip the main compartment. Then again, it appears waterproof without the cover, so it's hard to complain.

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Dry bag from the kayak store

We don't get enough rain around here to make it a problem, but any bag you can get into easily has leak potential through the zipper etc. A "dry bag" from REI or a kayak/canoe place will keep anything dry forever, and they come in sizes that will fit a trunk rack. Mine have been submerged many times with never a leak.
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