WD-40 recently announced their plans to launch a subsidiary business unit focused exclusively on cycling-specific mantenence products. The initial system of products include both a wet and dry lube, in addition, it'll also include a heavy duty degreaser, a foaming bike wash, and a frame protectant.

The range was shown off today for the first time at Interbike's Outdoor Demo. Local bike shops had their first opportunity to try the product and place orders. Both the dry and wet lubes (4 fl oz) will retail for $9 ea. The Foaming Wash (33.8 oz) will retail for $14, the Heavy Degreaser (20 fl oz) and Frame Protectant (8 fl oz) will both go for $15.

WD-40 Orignal Lube"The new WD-40 BIKE line blends our considerable experience with the demands of today's bike technology to present a comprehensive high-performance maintenance package." Said Mike Irwin, Managing Partner of WD-40 BIKE Company.

Only time will tell if WD40 Bike will be able to break away from the stigma of their original WD40 product not being ideal for use on the bikes. The new lubes and products should hit store shelves in early November.