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St. Louis Weeknight Rides

best place is

There are rides:

- Tuesday (TrailNet, University City) - more recreational, but still some fast riders

- Wednesday (Webster Groves - the Hub Bicycle Company) - I think this one is fairly fast

- Thursday (TrailNet, Des Peres) - again, recreational, but fast enough for most. I do this one, it is about 28 miles, a few large (for St. Louis) hills, fast group averages 18 - 19.

All of these you could ride to from the Clayton area.

I'm sure there are others; for example, there is a Monday evening ride in St. Charles.

Two good shops that would know the rides are: Big Shark (in University City) and The Hub (in Webster Groves).

Post again if you need more info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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