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75 miles of rolling hills... 85 deg and sunny

I was a bit woried going into this one as the last time I rode 75 miles was April. But with 4 teamates that just upgraded i was stoked to have some company for a change!

The first out and back was flat and had very few acclerations. If you got dropped here you must have had a bad mechnical. Friendly pace the whole time. So wham, there are 20 easy miles done.

Next out and back in another direction... now we get the hills. Everytime we hit an uphill the pressure is on. No suprise here. A good portion of this leg is hardpack dirt. Most of that really smooth and what wasn't still felt good under my tubies. I could hear a few bikes around me rattleing a bit. I think many riders don't understand there is such a thing as TOO much pressure in the tires!

Final climb comes before the turn-a-round. By now we've had a few tough uphill acclerations and it's taking its toll big time. Gaps are growing all around. I manage to minimize loses but hit the cone 20+ seconds back.

I grab a couple guys on the decent and we pound on the pedals. It's not doing to much, the leaders with more are doing the same.

our group of 4 on the decent turns to 2 of us as 2 couldn't follow. But up front they are breaking apart as well. After a couple miles, we pick up 3 that fell off but aren't ready to call it a day. Then we start picking up a couple more riders 1 at a time. One of whom flatted from the lead group and was quite strong and motivated to catch. (he took a spare wheel and got rolling right along as we came. lucky him!) Our train of 8 was working pretty decently together. The moto let us know of the gaps as we worked it down. Eventually with 17 or so miles to go we caught them. Man, talk about a good feeling!

Now with a group of 15 no one wanted to work. 3 teams had two riders, the rest of us were solo representation. I was pretty confidend that 2 or perhaps 3 teamates of mine would be next to catch on the back so i sure as heck didn't pull.

we rolled the rest of the race at about 17mph average. Talk about slack! It was like a sunday stroll in the park! Yet somehow, we weren't caught by the riders behind. Our chase effort must have been all that strong.

I'm camping out near the front but let others take follow of any attack move. There are a few but none serious and only a moment of dangeling is permited. The final mile ahead we really start balking over who will lead. we're packed the lane wide fighting for a good spot. The 2 spine and sport racers start to pick it up but it's too soon, I make a hard jump but again with uphill and headwind, it's too soon. I give a pretty solid lead out as 3 guys come around me to my right just before the finish. One other comes around to my left but is relegated as he does it in the oncoming lane. The rest of the 15 are pretty shattered. My computer shows 30mph on that sprint. Not bad considering the course, just wish i held the gun in the holster a bit longer...
that tends to be a problem of mine, i'm not always as patient as i need to be.

Yo no fui.
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Great. I had a friend who rode it as well. I think he rode in the 4s.

chica cyclista
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crit pix

my teammate loaned me his D80 with an 18-200VR. two things: holy CRAP that thing is heavy (and has mad lenscreep) and boy, is it weird getting used to. you gotta kinda "romance" the thing to get it to catch a moving target.

I eventually got it figured out.
<a href="" title="alan closeup by lonefrontranger, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="334" alt="alan closeup" /></a>

<a href="" title="cat 3 pack cornering by lonefrontranger, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="337" alt="cat 3 pack cornering" /></a>

<a href="" title="cooling down by lonefrontranger, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="321" alt="cooling down" /></a>

<a href="" title="rory goes for it by lonefrontranger, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="500" alt="rory goes for it" /></a>

<a href="" title="happy father's day by lonefrontranger, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="328" alt="happy father's day" /></a>

Anyway, Glenwood Springs. oh my god the road race was fantastic! Here's a link to a youtube of the RR shot by one of the wheel cars.

sadly I got no pix of the road race, since I was busy either racing it, or dodging cows in the feedzone. Here's my summary, quoted from the ACA forum:

lonefrontranger said:
Mitch it was an AMAZING event, I'm sorry for anyone who decided not to go.

What that youtube does not show, and I hope someone got photos of, was the surreal and perfectly executed scramble to reset the turnaround/feed areas for the Pro-1-2 men's field, owing to a real, old-school, Colorado cattle drive. You cannot make this stuff up. My teammate and I were up there feeding for our GSB teammates, and we saw (and pitched in for) the entire thing.

Explanation: at ~1.15 PM we received word that there were some 200 head of cattle heading our way down the road from the turnaround. Quick consultation with one of the ranch hands established that they were going all the way to the base of that last (feedzone) climb. Best guess gut logic said the Pro-1-2 men were scheduled to blow through in about 20-30 minutes. There was no radio contact with the lead car - logistically that's tough due to the distances involved. The volunteers and staff who were up there had about 5 minutes to make an executive decision, and they not only made the correct one, but they executed it smoothly and decisively. The turnaround and feed zones were shifted about 2.5 miles down the hill, beyond the path of the cattle drive and in time to accommodate the Pro-1-2 men's field, until all of them had cleared the turnaround.

Next, in a perfectly orchestrated manouver, the spotters signaled that the upper section of the course was now free of cattle, and everyone jumped into action to shift the entire feedzone / turnaround configuration back to its original position before the men's Cat 3 field came through.

I've been around a lot of races where this sort of decision/operation would have been a total cluster. The folks who ran this event pulled it off without a hitch and it was pretty seamless to the riders... well except for all the 'cow bombs' that got deployed along the feedzone climb, which they really couldn't do anything about (sorry!).

That, more than anything, said a lot for the event organization at this race.

I shot a bunch of photos at the crit which I'll upload to my flickr account in the next couple of days.

Thanks again, Mitch, it was an awesome weekend.
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