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Well i took C-40's advice and went to performance bike and bought the Forte Axis Pro fork, Cane Creek S2 Headset, Forte Stem, and the carbon spacers. All of this seperate would have been around 280 + tax. I saw the combo online and it had all this for 189.99 + shipping. I went to the store and they had the 1" that i needed and i got the last S2 1" headset that they had. With my discount and the 10% they were giving, i walked out spending $182.50. THATS CHEAPER THAN IT WAS ONLINE!!!!!

I must say that i rode the fork last night and what a difference.....i cant believe how smooth it is compared to the alum that was on there. i will post some pics later but just wanted to plug performance bike for the SWEET deal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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