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What about severe injury vs. death

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I found this listing of cities inspire me to ask a lot of questions.

Does this include the popular bicycle rentals?
Any bike advocacy going on in these cities?
Any efforts on vehicle vs. bike rider education?
Many other Qs.


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This one is per commuter: The 20 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities for Cyclists –

I also spent part of a summer riding a bike in D.C. as a teen. It was not the safest place to be on a bike, but it was pretty easy to get away from the cops if you were on a bike... not that I ever had to...
You, in DC:

Wheel Horse Sky Vehicle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies
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Tuscon is rated high cause a lot of riders ride all year, tourists and biking tourists off the hook. If you know where to ride, it is average. People drive like shiet all over, so if you have more miles you have more deaths.
That was my take on the stats too.
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