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What about severe injury vs. death

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I found this listing of cities inspire me to ask a lot of questions.

Does this include the popular bicycle rentals?
Any bike advocacy going on in these cities?
Any efforts on vehicle vs. bike rider education?
Many other Qs.


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Yes, why does that chart not show any California cities like the following reports?
Not surprised to see Louisville on your second list. I lived there as a kid and riding a bike was taking your life into your hands. I went back there a few years ago and it was worse.
I was also not surprised to see several cities in Florida on the list. I've been to various cities in Florida numerous times, and in many places it isn't even safe as a pedestrian. A few places I've been in Florida don't believe in shoulders or sidewalks. Also, you can ride year round in Fl.

I am surprised to see Minneapolis on the list. Minnesota is generally very bike friendly and there are plenty of bike paths and lanes through Minneapolis. There are hundreds of miles of dedicated paved bike trails in both rural and urban areas. But you can really only ride May through Sept.
I'd like to know how they determined the number of "commuters".
This one is per commuter: The 20 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities for Cyclists –

I also spent part of a summer riding a bike in D.C. as a teen. It was not the safest place to be on a bike, but it was pretty easy to get away from the cops if you were on a bike... not that I ever had to...
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Recognize that most fatalities in urban areas are with various "issues" that most reading this web site do not have. Examples would be wrong-way riding, riding at night without lights or reflectors, and impaired riding. These folks are riding bikes because they have no alternative. They are not thinking about safety in the way folks commenting on these numbers are. The danger to experienced road riders is MUCH lower.
At least one of the studies cited dealt specifically with bike "commuters" and not the general population. It had a similar ranking of cities as the other lists. I know of several biking accidents in my home town in the last five years in which someone was seriously injured, one of which resulted in a fatality. All were car vs. biker except one which was bike vs bike (I was a witness to that one). All were "experienced" bikers (road riders) and not people riding bikes because they had no other alternative. No one was impaired. All were broad daylight. Almost all were at intersections. But it was clear from the two that I personally witnessed, not all bikers were thinking about safety (nor were the car drivers). So I think it is incredibly disingenuous to imply that the fatalities are not representative of the general biking community or the "typical" biker, even though my city is not on the list.

I have had more incidents with cars on my bike than I have on my motorcycle. One thing I have experience multiple times on my bike (and not on my motorcycle) is animosity from the car driver or passenger(s) towards me (not that it doesn't happen to others). I've been run off the road and to the ground twice (one was clearly intentional, the other time I'm not sure), I've been yelled at several times, and one time I had a driver swerve into the clearly marked bike lane so the passenger could take a swipe at my handlebars when I was going down hill at over 20mph.

Ride like no one sees you. Heck, people don't see police cars with flashing lights on the side of the road, so what chance do we have?
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Are u serious, I run with a camera front/rear and would take action on this.
I am 100% serious. I actually saw red I was so pissed off. I wish I had a camera at the time because I didn't catch the plate number. I was given a cheap camera for Christmas a few years ago. Sadly, it's battery doesn't usually last a full ride. Definitely considering a decent camera though.
I think most drivers are trying to be cautious around me when I ride. A few are clueless. But there is absolutely NO excuse for intentionally driving into the bike lane and taking a swipe at my handlebars. If I hadn't swerved at the last millisecond I'd have been in the hospital. It wasn't inattentive, it was criminal.
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