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What about severe injury vs. death

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I found this listing of cities inspire me to ask a lot of questions.

Does this include the popular bicycle rentals?
Any bike advocacy going on in these cities?
Any efforts on vehicle vs. bike rider education?
Many other Qs.


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I can road ride, not MUT, here in the Nashville area if I am judicious on: time of day; how much use the roads I will be using get; and of course like Dirty Harry says "You feel lucky, Punk?".
Everthing I have read above reinforces my personal credo, "it's ok for someone to deliberately do something egregious but not ok for anyone else to do anything they don't like".

An example might be.....their aggressive driving cuts me off in traffic but if someone else drives the speed limit for example, it's a problem".
What @Xydadx3 said. Situational awareness is key. I deliver, in a company vehicle, and see many, many driving situations.

I have seen the reactions of vehicles to bikers, most of which are quite poor as viewed by another road rider. Rarely are the riders flaunting standard rules or etiquette.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts