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What am I missing out with a 2001 Serotta Hors DKS?

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I've pimped my 2001 Serotta Hors over the years with these awesome Campi Shamal Ultra wheels and Campi Record 11 components. But I know my ride is old and much progress has been made over the years in bike design. That Dave Kirk did a cool thing with the DKS setup. I keep eying all the carbon carbon/ti bikes out there, but I'm not a competitive rider and I could lose weight more easily on my body than on my bike.

Is there any reason I would ever want to buy another bike, ever? What am I missing out on? Or is this the bike I'll ride into my grave?

I should add I ride 100-150 miles per week, up and down a few thousand foot hills, commuting - pretty hard core biker who does not own a car.
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I don't think you're missing anything. The Hors is a different breed of cat when it comes to road control and feel. I've had a few Hors and still have difficulty describing to others how they feel compared to a 'standard' bike.
Thanks Dave, I agree it's hard to explain the bike's handling characteristics if you haven't ridden one. Fortunately this bike does the talking for me!

True story: I used to ride with the guy who owned the shop where I bought my Serotta. He sponsored a pro-team, and we would go for training rides up Mt Hamilton here in the Bay Area of California, 4,360 feet. Going up the team would do about 15 minutes of warm up, and we'd hang at the back of the team, me pumping out at about 90% effort while they were just warming up. Then he'd say, "OK guys, you can go now." and they'd fly up the hill almost like they were suddenly going down hill.

BUT... Going down hill? I'd stay up with the head of the pack during the decent. Part of that was me but I think most of that was the bike.
Serottas are great bikes. Clearly built and sold as life-time bikes, but people get bored and want something new. I think if you are happy with the bike you keep it, but if you want a different style bike then you consider it. People go from Ti to Carbon or Ti to Steel or Carbon to Steel etc. No bike is perfect , they have geometries and properties. In the past year I've talked to one Serrota owner who after owning a bike for well over ten years was switching to a steel Bedford, another to a Parlee z1. So the answer to your question is if you just want something different. And different does not mean better.
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