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First clipless setup and you're going w/ dominators? Unless you're flush with cash, look at some cheaper shoes, Sidi or otherwise. Look at the Sidi Bullet - ratchets are good and all, but not worth the price difference between the Bullet and The Dominator...

Finding a shoe that your feet are happy in is the most important - unfortunately Sidi's just don't work for my feet (unfortunate because they're super nice shoes). I've had good luck with Specialized shoes - been racing cx on their BG Sport MTB shoe for three years now, and my only complaint is that they don't accept toe spikes - a feature that you may want after you try running up a muddy or snowy hill...

Pedals - might be worth getting a cheap pair to try - crank bros has the MXR for (practically) pennies... Get those, if you like them, keep using them till they die, then get some SLs. Or, just get the SLs to begin with. Keep in mind that the candy pedals may interfere w/ the tread on your shoes, forcing you to carve out some of the tread w/ a knife...

Time ATAX are nice too - if you can find an old pair (bar of soap!) on ebay they should work just as well.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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