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hi, I'm Larry
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The first race of the season for me is at the end of March. It's a tough course. They close down a park and we ride 6 1/4 laps around the 3 1/2 mile course. All rolling hills with one hill that wiped me out last year. And to top it off we start at the base of that hill and finish at the top of that hill. It's not a long climb but a very steep one. Last year with a 25 on the back I had to grunt my way up. I even got lapped by the leaders (oh, the shame).

This year I'm 10 pounds lighter (maybe 15 if I stick to the diet), so that should help. I got faster and stronger last year also, hopefully I can get the strength back before the race.

When should I start Serious Interval training in preperation for this race and what type of intervals?

My assumption is to work on hill intervals of about 2 minute duration, is this correct?

Is 4 weeks beforehand enough time to start the intervals?

I'm a spinner so should I focus on the spin up the hill intervals or go with dropping the hardest gear possible and grunting up the hill type of intervals?

Being the first race of the season, the race has a big turnout by all the major teams in the area. There are some top knotch Cat 1 / 2 riders in this race.

I've got a few goals, First - Don't Get Lapped! Second, try to hang on to the peleton as long as possible (even to the point of blowing up). Third, if I fail at the first two, have a respectable placement in the Masters group.

Every little counts...
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The best time is NOW!

I would start now, if you have all of your base work done. March is early for a race, so if you haven't been training since November, I woud consider this a B or C priority event.

Nevertheless, if you want to get strong, go ride that hill! Mix up short super-threshold climbs with longer (4-7min) threshold efforts in your interval sessions. No more than three days per week. If it makes you puke, take a day off.

I would say that you do two three week cycles now, every fourth week no intervals, and plan a week of no intervals before the race.

Hope this helps,
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