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Tschai said:
After the George Hincapie whine fest, many people posted they are done buying Garmin products. Now that the results are in and all is said and done (almost), what are your buying habits going to be like as a result of the Tour and its soap opera of events? Here are mine:

1. Radio Shack - For the last 20 years, the only reason I ever went into Radio Shack was for obscure cables. That ends today! Because of Lance, I am going to Radio Shack today to buy two obscure cables, a minature bulb and a crank powered weather radio.

2. Garmin - Who the hell needs it. I have Radio Shack now! Va va va allez Radio Shack.

3. Columbia - I am going to completely ban Columbia products for the rest of my life. George whines too much and besides, I HAVE RADIO SHACK!!!! I hear RS intends to get into the flannel market. Besides, I have my obscure cable collection to keep me warm.

4. Quick Step - Is this a flooring company? Who cares! Because of Tom Boonen's clown fest of a tour, I am banning all things belgian except waffles.

5. Saxo Bank - Love the Schlecks from LOOXENBEEEERG!!! All my banking needs will be done on-line with Saxo Bank.

6. Katusha - Gesundheit
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