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what shoes to buy?

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hey guys i was looking to get a pair of cycling shoes, i want to get raod style shoes but i also want to be able to walk around at the sites i visit...I also really don't want MTB shoes because i dont want to get the small SPD pedals...i'm afraid i'll get "hot spots" after riding. So what kind of shoes do you guys recomend that are either SPD, Look or SPD-R compatible and that are walkable in?
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u cant really walk in road shoes... for one the soles are solid one piece units that are very stiff and they usually dont have much of a grippy surface.

u wanna be able to walk or you want road shoes? pick one... i'm sure there are MTB shoes out there somewhere that have the three hole fittings to mount most pedals so it could work with road cleats.
do you know of any MTB shoes that have 3 holes
no sorry... lol, great help i am... searching thru ebay, it looks as if they're all spd cleat only...

damn, well, might like to try some of those ebay spd pedal and shoe combos going on there... pretty cheap so its not a big deal if it doesn't work out....

IME, road shoes are unwalkable... besides you'll destroy the cleat pretty quickly.. unless you're running looks that have those cleat covers...

some people like to run eggbeaters on their road bikes, so prehaps it isn't that big of a problem....
ahh i found one.. nike makes them..

looks more like a MTB shoe to me, spd only as well...

might like to read this short write up..

good luck
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Crank Brothers CANDY C pedals!

Check out the Crank Bros. Candy C pedals. They are much beefier than Shimano, and you can get them from $45-$50 if you shop around or get a good coupon from PerformaBar.

They have enough of a platform that you could ride in regular shoes for a local toodle, and I've gone on a 58 mile loop with major hill hammering- not hot spots in my el-cheapo Shimano touring/mtb shoes.

These are my choice for my Cyclocross bike- which is really just a solid winter training bike, so far- but folks cyclocross race in 'em without being Fredly. Also for single speed, and tandem. They are easy to clip in/out, and therefore you have to watch out for cliping out when you don't want to.

The roads are almost clear enough to get out the road bike (with road tires! Yea!) and then I'd rather walk in my socks or barefoot once and a while than give up the all-day comfort of my Sidis (look keos.)

If you are gonna tour, don't try to look all racer flash- whatever shoes fit are good.

I'm just thinking the big decision is pedals, then comfy shoes follow.


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I'm a road rider and just bought the Shimano MT-40 shoes. VERY COMFORTABLE and easy to walk on off the bike. As far as worrying about tiny pedals, I have the Shimano A-520's. They sport a decent sized platforn that's very supportive and easy to clip into after just a few minutes practice. Good luck.
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